Had enough of struggling to read documents with your iPhone?

Whoever you are, scanning letters on mobile can give such poor results.

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News and FAQs

iPhone6? I'm afraid to say that the Giraffe Reader does not currently fit the iPhone6 or 6-plus, but I'm hoping to design one very soon. Please email me to reqister your interest, so I know how important this is to you all.

It also doesn't yet fit the iPad, or any Android phones at the moment. Again please email if you'd like me to do this next. I've not managed it yet both because the Giraffe width exactly matches the older iPhones, and because the breadth of the cameras on all smartphones and tablets varies quite a bit.

Pay now

If you're happy to pay either with a card or through Paypal, and you can pay in British Pounds, then please use the Pay Now button below. For other currencies and other payment methods (such as paying over the phone) just Email us here.

We've been experiencing huge demand lately, so I'm currently able to ship Giraffe Readers within about a week of taking an order. If you need your Giraffe shipped out sooner than this please drop me an email, or call me (my number is at the end of the video above).

What is the Giraffe Reader?

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Introductory price of only $54.50 US, or £32

Steps to erect

The Giraffe Reader is designed so you can erect it eyes-free, first time, straight out of the box. Just follow these simple steps below.

First, please sit at a table or desk with plenty of space - a dining table would be perfect. Take it out of the A4 envelope it arrived in, and you'll find it is slightly larger than a DVD case.

At this stage it is folded into 3. Unfold outwards once, and then unfold a second time in the other direction. I.e. if you unfolded the first time outward to the left hand side, then the second unfolding will unfold from the centre out to the right hand side. If you're having trouble unfolding the first time, there's a thumb-sized notch in one of the sides- use that to unfold from. Lay it flat on the table completely unfolded.

Next flip the whole thing over, towards you, so that it's the other way up. Now look for some ring shaped tactile stickers, about as big as polo mints, facing upwards at either end. You should find one sticker at one end, and a pair of stickers at the other end. The part with the pair of stickers will become the base of the Giraffe, while the single sticker will become the cradle that the iPhone sits inside.

Place your thumbs on the tactile stickers, and place your fingers behind the plastic so they are opposing your thumbs. Now rotate your hands towards each other as if you were closing a book, aiming for the stickers to now be directly facing one another. You'll find that the side with the single sticker goes more easily at first, and the side with two stickers will fold up afterwards. Keep going until the stickers face each other, and you should feel some magnets snap together.

At this stage you'll have a long, thin, open-topped box. Squeeze the longer sides towards each other, and you might feel some more magnets snap together if they haven't already done so. This long, open topped box is actually the neck of the Giraffe. Now flip it onto its base, so that the pair of stickers is facing us. Your iPhone should sit nicely in the cradle at the top of the neck. Position the Giraffe in front of you so that the neck's open side is away from you. In this position the iPhone sits nicely in the cradle facing up, with the home button closest to you and the phone's camera pointing down at the base.

Now continue to the How to do Scanning instructions here.

Steps to scan

The Giraffe Reader works with a wide range of OCR apps, but we've had the greatest success with Prizmo (for reading letters and books) and Text Detective (to read business cards). Text Grabber comes a close second behind Prizmo sometimes giving better results, so get both if you can. We advise against using SayText, ImageToText or Perfect OCR, as they've given us poorer results. We also found Text Detective struggled with books or A4 pages, so we'd only recommend it for business cards right now.

More instructions will be uploaded soon - apologies that the site is still under construction, but check out the audio-described video for the rest of the steps.

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